Single Source Physical Security

Secure Your Entire Perimeter

We have the security products and expertise to assist you with your entire security project.

From anti-ram fencing and sliding cantilever gates, to retractable bollards and active vehicle barriers, Ameristar Security has the products required to get the job done right.

Single Source Physical Security

Trusted Security Products Experts

We are the trusted perimeter security experts.

Our clients include government, military, medical, educational and commercial facilities. Some of our most notable projects include the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial in NYC and Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

Superior & Innovative Security Products

A forerunner in product development with a reputation for topmost quality and service.

  • The only fence and barrier products in the world to receive SAFETY Act Certification by the US Department of Homeland Security.
  • The most shallow mount bollard available.
  • Department of State Designed security bollards.
  • Security products experts to assist you throughout your entire project.

Security Products Crash Tests and Demonstrations

Contact us today, we offer complete perimeter security solutions.

Security Spotlight


Security Gates

Security Gates

Ameristar's line of high security fencing and gates provide top-of-the-line perimeter defense to keep your facility secure and business in operation. Browse Ameristar's high security fence or security gates now.

Security Bollards

Steel Security Bollards

Protect your facility from vehicle threats with Ameristar's crash-test certified security bollards. Available in a variety of operating configurations and styles to fit your project's needs. Browse Ameristar's line of security bollards now.

Entry Barriers

Wedge Barrier

When you need exceptional perimeter entry security and access control, turn to Ameristar's line of crash-test certified entry barriers to defend your facility against vehicular threats. Browse Ameristar's collection of passive and active vehicle entry barriers now.