About Us

Ameristar Headquarters
Ameristar's headquarters and manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

For over 30 years Ameristar has continually set the industry standard for manufacturing high quality and innovative products. Our security division is established as a forerunner in security product development with a reputation for topmost quality and service.

Knowledge & Experience

Ameristar has some of the nations’ top security experts on our team. Their combined knowledge, experience and credentials propel our perimeter security product development forward and solidify our reputation for excellent service.


Every product in our security products line not only meets industry standards but easily surpasses them. Several of our security products are matchless within the perimeter security industry. Our Impasse and Stalwart lines are the only fence and barrier products in the world to be certified under the SAFETY Act by the US Department of Homeland Security. Ameristar is committed to providing first-rate security products that can be depended on when needed most.

Single Source Perimeter Security

Make Ameristar Security your single source for perimeter security. Our extensive product line includes security bollards, wedge barriers, rising beam barriers, guard booths, and security fencing and gates. Additionally we have a highly skilled team of perimeter security experts available to assist you throughout your project. Not only will choosing Ameristar for your entire project save time and frustration but you can be assured you are working with the best. The physical security of your facility demands nothing less.

Sales & Service Centers

Ameristar operates 11 sales and service centers (SSCs) across the United States and Canada. Click on any of these links to visit the SSC websites:

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