Vehicle Entry Barriers

Browse Ameristar Security's line of vehicle entry barriers now to find out why our crash-test certified barriers deliver superior protection against vehicular threats. All of our security barriers have excellent features and multiple optional add-ons ensuring your access control point is protected.

Sentinel k12 wedge vehicle barrier


Wedge Barrier

Fight vehicle-based security threats, especially vehicle-borne improvised explosives, at your perimeter's entry point with Ameristar's Sentinel K12-rated automatic wedge vehicle barrier.

Patriot K12 rising beam barrier


Rising Beam Barrier

Secure your perimeter entry point from unauthorized vehicles, and the threat of vehicle-borne improvised explosives, with Ameristar's Patriot K12-rated rising beam barrier.

Crash Beam Barrier

Vehicle Barrier Bar (VBB)

Crash Beam Barrier

Ameristar's vehicle barrier bar extends across the entire roadway deterring both pedestrian traffic and unauthorized vehicles, and reducing the threat of vehicle-borne improvised explosives.

CityGate Barrier Gate

City Gate

Barrier Gate

Ameristar's City Gate is a passive vehicle entry barrier ideal for environments with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Crash Barrier Arm

M530 Barrier Arm

Drop-arm Barrier

Ameristar's vehicle barrier arm extends across the roadway to control access at an entry. The M530 is a crash tested barrier that can stop a 15,000lbs truck traveling at 30mph.

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