High Security Perimeter Fences

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Anti-Ram Fencing

Stalwart IS anti-ram high-security fence

Stalwart IS

Anti-Ram Barrier & High Security Steel Fence

Get the benefit of high-security fencing and protection from vehicular threats with Ameristar's Stalwart IS (Impasse Security) steel fence and anti-ram barrier system.

Stalwart II anti-crash high-security fence

Stalwart II

Anti-Ram Barrier & Ornamental Fence

Ameristar's Stalwart II perimeter fence combines high-security fence and anti-ram barrier protection without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Stalwart Plus anti-ram high-security perimeter fence

Stalwart Plus

Anti-Ram Barrier & Architectural Mesh

If you need defense against vehicle-borne improvised explosives, choose Ameristar's Stalwart Plus high-security mesh fence and anti-ram barrier system.

Stalwart Post and Rail anti-ram security fencing

Stalwart Post & Rail

Post & Rail Anti-Ram Crash Barrier

For reliable and economical protection against vehicle-based attacks, consider using Ameristar's Stalwart post and rail crash barrier system on your next physical security project.

High-Security Fencing

Impasse II high-security palisade fence

Impasse II

High Security Steel Fence

Ameristar's Impasse II high-security palisade barrier fence not only helps detect, deter and delay intruders, but also deny them with its steel cross sections and sharp, triple-pointed splayed spear tips.

Impasse II anti-climb perimeter security fence

Impasse II Anti-Scale

Anti-Climb Steel Fence

Ameristar's Impasse II anti-scale palisade barrier fence offers the same exceptional defense as the Impasse II, only with smart design details intended to prevent climbing or cutting.

WireWorks Anti-Climb perimeter security fence

WireWorks Anti-Climb

High Security Welded Wire Mesh Fence

For security projects that demand maximum perimeter defense, consider Ameristar's WireWorks welded high-security wire mesh fencing that combats cutting and climbing.

Matrix perimeter enclosure grid


Perimeter Enclosure Grid

Ideal for a variety of perimeter and enclosure security needs, Ameristar's Matrix security fence is an adaptable design that offers a layered approach to perimeter security. Built for the electric utility industry.

Industrial Fencing

Montage II industrial perimeter fence

Montage II

Industrial Welded Ornamental Steel Fence

Ameristar's Montage II has earned a reputation among contractors as the preferred choice for industrial steel fencing that offers both security and aesthetic appeal.

Industrial Ornamental Steel Fence

Aegis II

Industrial Component Ornamental Steel Fence

For over 20 years, Ameristar's Aegis II has set the standard for industrial ornamental fences that provide security without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

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