Stalwart Post & Rail Anti-Ram Crash Barrier

Win the war against vehicular threats without breaking your security project's budget

Stalwart Post and Rail anti-ram security fence

Affordable & Effective

Ameristar's Stalwart anti-ram barrier is a standalone crash barrier. When installed alongside an existing perimeter fence, the Stalwart standalone crash barrier turns the perimeter into a secure anti-ram perimeter system. Plus, the post and rail system is the most affordable passive perimeter barrier system available on the market.

Moreover, there are numerous facilities that are required to increase their perimeter security beyond current attempts with high-security chain-link fencing, welded wire, expanded metal or ornamental fencing. The Stalwart system meets and exceeds these requirements, which are intended to protect the at-risk facility from vehicle attacks. In addition, the Stalwart anti-crash barrier encourages pedestrian movement and can easily be concealed by vegetation or positioned adjacent to an existing perimeter fence.

Anti-Ram Ratings Available
K12 Crash Test CertifiedK8 Crash Test RatedPU60 / P2 Crash RatedPU50/P2 Crash Test RatedM50/P1 Crash RatedM40/P2 Crash Test RatedM30/P2 Crash Test RatedM30/P1 Anti-Ram Certified

Peripheral Integration

The Stalwart uses the same rail framework as the Impasse high-security fence, which allows it to integrate various security peripherals required on high-security perimeter designs. This helps you avoid the burdensome costs incurred from a patchwork installation.

Anti-Ram Engineered

The Stalwart anti-crash cable barrier has been engineered and tested in compliance with current ASTM F2656-07 (Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers), and provides protection against multiple vehicle threats. Last but not least, the Stalwart is an 'Approved Product for Homeland Security' under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act (the SAFETY Act).


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  • Colors


    This product is available in blackbronze, white or desert sand. Please note that colors vary by computer monitor.

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  • Integrated Design

    Integrated Design

    The specially formed high-strength architectural shape of the Impasse rail is contoured to carry anti-ram steel cable and/or detection equipment. This helps you consolidate your physical security protection into a single perimeter solution.

    Impasse rail as raceway for wiring Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): Use the Impasse rail to covertly secure IDS to the security fence.

    The Impasse rail can also easily integrate any intrusion detection sensor. The distinctively shaped Impasse rail conceals IDS cables to delay, deny, deter and detect intruders. Also, the rail features a secure IDS attachment to help keep the sensor cables in place and minimize the number of false alarms. So you can rest assured the Impasse rail will increase the probability of detection.


    Impasse rail as raceway for wiring Conduits: Use the Stalwart's Impasse rail as a conduit tray for electrical conduits. The high cost associated with securing an asset are often overlooked until the last minute. Some of the items used in modern perimeter security systems include lighting, access control wiring, intrusion detection sensor wiring, CCTV cables, communication fiber and electrical wiring.

    As an added benefit, the Impasse rail can house all the components needed to install a perimeter security system. This allows for quicker installation and minimized construction cost from not having to incur the cost of trenching or boring.


    Impasse rail as raceway for wiring. Video and Communications Wiring Use the Impasse rail to carry communication cables along the perimeter.

    The Impasse rail delivers added value with its ability to also incorporate wiring for video, CCTV and other communications. When video and communication systems are installed the probability of detection is higher.


    Impasse Rail with Access Control Access Control Wiring Use the Impasse rail to carry communication cables along the perimeter.

    Access control is a key factor in perimeter security systems. Take advantage of the Impasse rail to carry access control wiring from one entry control point to the next and avoid the burdensome cost of a patchwork design using trenching and boring.


    Impasse with Anti-Ram Barrier Anti-Ram Cable Conceal crash barrier components easily with the Impasse rail.

    The Impasse rail is specially designed to incorporate the cable of the Stalwart anti-ram barrier system. The standard 4 and 5 rail configurations are made to meet the specifications of the Stalwart anti-ram barrier. If need be, the Stalwart anti-ram barrier can be installed into the 4 or 5 rail fence at a later date.

  • Maintenance-Free Coating

    Ameristar's PermaCoat process has a proven track record for high performance. The galvanized base material with dual-layer epoxy and polyester coating delivers a long-lasting, maintenance-free finish.

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  • SAFETY Act Certified

    U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityAmeristar manufactures the only fence and barrier products certified under the SAFETY Act by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Read more about the SAFETY Act now.

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