Aegis II Industrial Component Ornamental Steel Fence

Industrial fencing that can be customized to meet any perimeter security project's needs

Aegis II Security Industrial Fencing

The Baseline for Ornamental Fence

For over 18 years Aegis II has been the benchmark for industrial ornamental fences. The combination of ForeRunner rail strength and maintenance-free PermaCoat finish make Aegis II the specified choice for industrial ornamental fencing.


  • Stadiums & Event Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Hospitals
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Water Treatment & Storage
  • State Facilities
  • Manufacturing Plants

Strength & Flexibility

The Aegis II industrial steel fence panel is made of heavy 1" x 14 ga. pickets and a unique double wall rail that is 1.75" x 14 ga. The distinctive ForeRunner rail design provides the Aegis II with unparalleled customization and flexibility.


The Aegis II has the appealing old world look of wrought-iron, yet does not require the expensive and regular maintenance costs of wrought-iron fencing. The Aegis II steel fence panels are tough and able to withstand rigorous conditions. The “no-mar” polyester powder top coat dramatically increases weathering resistance (color and gloss retention)and reduces scratched and burnishing marks normally encountered during shipping. The Aegis II industrial fence will be a worthwhile investment with reduced risk.

Ameristar, with over 25 years of experience setting the standard in the industrial and high-security fencing industry, has earned a reputation of quality among fence installers.

So, when your next industrial or security project requires fencing that can be customized to the site, turn to Ameristar's Aegis II decorative industrial steel fence.


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  • Styles

    Aegis II Styles

    Invincible Style Invincible Style: Appropriately named with its gradual outward curve of the top picket. This fence offers greater security than outdated chain-link fencing and has a more appealing look reminiscent of traditional wrought iron. Available in 2, 3 or 4 rail options.

    Classic Style Classic Style: Choose the Classic for a traditional look with a timeless design featuring a through-picket style with a pressed spear adorning the top. Available in 2 or 3 rails with standard bottom or flush bottom rail. For an even more decorative look, add decorative rings and butterfly scrolls. Also produced in our Pool, Pet and Play series 3" airspace product.

    Majestic Style Genesis Style: Provides an old-fashioned look, with a squared off picket design through the top rail, that is reminiscent of traditional wrought iron. Add a selection of finials, decorative rings and scrolls for a more custom look. Features reinforced posts, specially extruded rail and 3/4-inch pickets. Available in 2 or 3 rails with a flush bottom rail and Puppy Panel option.

    Majestic Style Majestic Style: Simple, yet elegant, with a smooth top rail. Features reinforced posts, patented rail design and 3/4-inch pickets. Majestic is available in 2 or 3 rail configurations with or without a flush bottom rail or Puppy Panel configuration. Add decorative rings or scrolls for a more customized look.

  • Colors


    This product is available in blackbronze, white or desert sand. Please note that colors vary by computer monitor.

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  • Gates

    Aegis II Gate Options

    TransPort II Cantilever Sliding Gates TransPort II: The TransPort II cantilever sliding gates excel at delivering safe and secure vehicle access control throughout any weather condition or time of year. Click here for the full specifications on TransPort II gates.


    PassPort II Sliding Roll Gates PassPort II: The PassPort II gate system is built with remarkable strength and durability and then coated for improved weather and corrosion resistance. That way you can be confident the gate system will hold up to the job. Click here for the full specifications on PassPort II gates.


    Swing Gates Swing Gates: All Aegis II swing gates are made from 2” x 11 ga. pre-galvanized steel gate ends. The pickets measure 1" sq x 14 ga. and the Forerunner rails measure 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 12 ga. Each swing gate system also has reinforced corner gussets for improved strength and durability.



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  • Fence Follows Grades

    Fence Follows Grade

    The Aegis II industrial steel fence features a unique picket to rail connection method that allows for biasability of up to 25%. What does this mean for you? No unsightly stair stepping of panels.

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  • Custom Heights and Colors

    Aegis Custom Colors

    The Aegis II fence can be manufactured in virtually any height and rail spacing from 18" up to 10 feet. Also, custom color options are available and are based on minimum volume requirements. Please call your Ameristar Security representative today for more details.

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  • Maintenance-Free Coating

    Ameristar's PermaCoat process has a proven track record for high performance. The galvanized base material with dual-layer epoxy and polyester coating delivers a long-lasting, maintenance-free finish.

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  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

    10 Year Warranty

    All members of the Aegis family of steel fencing products are manufactured from the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen to meet the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. This is why we offer a limited 10 year warranty on all members of the Aegis family.

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