Security Bollards

Browse Ameristar Security's line of security bollards now to learn how our U.S. Department of State crash-tested bollards offer superior protection against vehicle-based attacks. Most of our bollards models are available as retractable, fixed or removable.

Bulwark Security Bollard

Bulwark Security Bollard

M30 & M50 Shallow Mount Bollard

BULWARK® Security Bollards combine simplistic installation with ultimate anti-ram functionality. BULWARK brings the strongest protection available while meeting the standards you expect.

Titan K12 Security Bollard


K12 Crash Rated Bollard

Ameristar's Titan K12 security bollards fuse an open aesthetic design with exceptional perimeter control and are available in retractable, fixed and removable models.

K8 Security Bollard

K8 Security Bollard

K8 Crash Rated Bollard

Ameristar's K8 certified security bollard provides perimeter security without limiting pedestrian traffic flow.Available in fixed, removable and retractable models.

Defender K4 Security Bollards


K4 Crash Rated Bollard

Ameristar's Defender K4 security bollards provide powerful perimeter control without impacting the aesthetic appeal of the area; available in retractable, fixed and removable models.

Automatic Lit Bollards


Automated Lit Bollard

Ameristar's GloBoll delivers the robust perimeter control of an automatic lit security bollard with the added benefit of retracting flush to the roadway as needed.

Retractable Removable Bollards

Manual Retractable Bollards

Manual, Retractable, Removable

Ameristar's retractable removable bollards can be rapidly deployed to combat security threats. Available in retractable, fixed and removable operating configurations.

Shallow Mount Bollard

Shallow Mount

K12, K8, K4, M50/P1, M30/P1

Ameristar's shallow mount bollards, available in removable or fixed models, offer superior protection against vehicular threats without sacrificing pedestrian movement.

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