Globoll Automatic Hydraulic Bollards

High-performance retractable bollard with an innovative hydraulic powered system

GloBoll automatic powered bollard

Ameristar's GloBoll retractable security bollard is an automatic product that provides exceptional flexibility in appearance and functionality. This automatic bollard is designed for access control for building entrances such as hotels, event centers, golf clubs, exhibition centers and town centers.


  • Uses a hydraulic powered system to rise and retract
  • Flush with the roadway when retracted
  • Easy servicing & general maintenance
  • Utilizes shallow mount technology

More About Globol Automatic Bollard

For areas where changing roadway access is a must, the GloBoll provides safety and protection without sacrificing pedestrian freedom of movement.

As an added benefit, the modular design allows for easy servicing and general maintenance by one man. This helps reduce the total cost of ownership.

In addition, the GloBoll can be installed in shallower depths than traditional bollards. What does this mean for you? Simpler and faster installation. This offers many benefits that include hefty cost savings, reduced disruption to a business and surrounding environment, decreased environmental impact, avoiding underground utilities and the ability to install more units in the same time frame.

The GloBoll bollards are made of retractable, 10 3/4" diameter, round tubular columns with a full guard height of 27 1/2".


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