TransPort Link Chain-Link Cantilever Gate

Innovative cantilever sliding gate system engineered for simplicity, security and safety

TransPort Link

Ameristar's TransPort Link cantilever sliding gate provides exceptional value for all chain-link security fence projects, and the knock down construction significantly reduces transit costs.

Component Design = Easy Installation

The TransPort Link is comprised of just three components: frame, facade and hardware. This allows for easy, fast and inexpensive installation. In about two hours with no additional equipment and a standard three man crew, this cantilever sliding gate can be installed. In addition heavy-duty diagonal braces and uprights make this gate entry system more rigid and well-balanced than other enclosed-track cantilever gates.

  • Simple, fast and low-cost installation
  • Minimal visible hardware
  • Rigid & well-balanced
  • Decreased risk of damage during transit
  • Decreased freight costs

Reversible and Multiple Styles

Every gate in the Transport gate line is available for ornamental, chain-link and high-security fences.Additionally, they are capable of being installed on either side of the gate opening.

Lasting Stength

The all weather TransPort cantilever slifding gate operates as a single sliding unit with an aluminum track extrusion with internal roller assemblies. As an added benefit, the TransPort offers unsurpassed strength and durability as the track is 60% heavier (by weight) than competitor's extrusions.

Get a complete automatic gate solution when you pair TransPort with our gate opener and access control systems.


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  • Styles

    With Extended Uprights for Barbed Wire

    TransPort Link with Extended Uprights

    To match the typical commercial chain-link fence, the TransPort Link cantilever gate system can be manufactured with extended uprights using 3 strands of barb-wire accent. The barb-wire provides a perception of increased security by making the gate appear to be more difficult to scale.

    Without Extended Uprights for Barbed Wire

    TransPort Link Without Extended Uprights

    The TransPort Link cantilever gate system can also be manufactured without extended uprights to match the adjacent fence system. As you might imagine, TransPort Link gates without the use of barbed-wire accent are more suitable for light commercial application.

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  • Colors


    This product is available in blackbronze, white or desert sand. Please note that colors vary by computer monitor.

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  • Superior Design Strength

    What makes the TransPort family of cantilever sliding gates stronger than other gates on the market? The use of only three elements: upper and lower enclosed track, rigid uprights and reinforcing diagonal supports. These three elements make up the structure of the gate, giving the gate similar characteristics of a self-supporting tower. Plus, the TransPort design allows any facade to be affixed to the front of the gate structure (ornamental pickets, security pales, chain-link fence material and more).

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  • Reversible Design

    TransPort Reversible Design

    You'll be surprised to learn that all TransPort cantilever gates can be installed on either side of the gate opening. This versatility is just another reason why the TransPort family of gates surpasses the competition.

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  • Reduced Freight Costs

    You'll also be glad to know that the component design of Ameristar's TransPort family of cantilever gates decreases the risk of damage during transit. Also, the knock down design dramatically decreases the freight costs typically incurred with fabricated gates requiring dedicated trucks.

    What's more is Ameristar's TransPort gates can be incorporated into the same load as the project material to maximize truckload shipments. As an added benefit, the new TransPort design can easily be installed with a standard 3-man crew in about 2 hours.

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  • Maintenance-Free Finish

    Ameristar's PermaCoat process has a proven track record for high performance. The galvanized base material with dual-layer epoxy and polyester coating delivers a long-lasting, maintenance-free finish.

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  • Safety

    All members of the Transport family of ornamental cantilever gates are supplied with rolls of 2" mesh safety screening in sufficient quantities to cover the entire gate (including overhang) and an equal portion of fence parallel to the gate in the open position up to a height of over 4 feet from ground elevation. This screening must be included when the TransPort Gate is assembled at the job-site. Additionally, all of the safety requirements of ASTM F2200 must be met during installation.

    Failure to incorporate the safety mesh or follow ASTM F2200 safety requirements during gate assembly and installation will cause rejection (under UL-325) of the entire gate system any time an attempt is made to attach the gate to an automatic gate operator. Ameristar assumes no responsibility for gate installations that fail to utilize the materials provided or meet the applicable safety standards.

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